RedHouse is the multi-disciplinary studio of Gijs van Klooster.

I want to create a sound image where all music and performance help express the artist's inspiration. When all decisions in sound creation, from conception to final mix, are according to that vision, you can create the best experience.

“Phaedrus felt that at the moment of pure Quality perception, or not even perception, at the moment of pure Quality there is no subject and there is no object. There is only a sense of Quality that produces a later awareness of subjects and objects. At the moment of pure Quality, subject and object are identical.”

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Imagine, visualize, picture, think, perceive, grasp, appreciate, think of, dream up, devise, form, formulate, design, invent, originate, create, develop, evolve,

energizing, exciting, thick, light, free, gentle, peaceful, firm, warm, soft, bright, dynamic, melancholic, simple, elaborate, sophisticated, dark, light, playful, sober, arranged.

RedHouse is a performance studio. An intimate studio where musical ideas can be captured without interrupting the flow of the musician.

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.